This site is dedicated to the memory of Mark Eskin

Mark Eskin's kindness, generosity, humor and talent were a gift and a joy to every musician that he played with and every person that heard him play. The lives he touched can not be counted.


I met Mark New Year's Eve 1978 just before midnight. I went up to thank him for playing Monkee's music. That was also the night Deon Jackson came down to hear one of Mark's sets. He was so excited to be able to later perform with Deon. I last saw him in 1982. We talked about the times he played at clubs and hanging out at Myron & Phil's. And how he was excited about his musical career. I knew he had great talent and would go far. I am so happy he fulfilled his dreams and that he found Flo. I'm so sorry for your loss Flo. It is so wonderful to see how many friends he made and how much he was loved. He will be truly missed. R.I.P. Mark. Tina Smith
Sent by tinasavon on 28/10/2011
7-18-11: This is a terribly sad day for me. I heard of Mark's passing yesterday, from "Danzman", at a Meteors show at the Elk Grove Library. I'm additionally saddened by the fact that I didn't know of his passing until now, and didn't know of the memorial. Back in 1981-ish, when Mark was about 23, I met him when he'd stop in at Billy & Co. on Milwaukee ave. in Wheeling, and he'd sit down and play the piano and sing or play his guitar along with the piano bar entertainer there, Deon Jackson ("Love Makes the World Go 'Round", Carla Records, 1966). Mark and Deon became friends quickly and later recorded a song together; only a few copies were pressed, on acetate. I am proud to be the owner of one of those copies. Mark was always a buddy and one of the most talented musicians and nicest guys I ever met. I will miss him. I also send my deepest sympathies along to his wife Flo, whom I had the pleasure of meeting at a gig that Mark played at in Edison Park some years back. Mike Wolstein
Sent by mikew on 18/07/2011
my mom knew mark since high school i have known him since i was little is was like a uncle to me and flo is like a aunt to me. I rember evey fourth of july he would bring his guitar or borrow my dad's and play songs and watch the fireworks that is one of them i will never forget RIP uncle mark miss you and sorry Aunt flo for your loss Love Debra Senior
Sent by Debra Senior on 13/09/2010
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